Roles for All

June 27, 2016 posted in Media

“Jesus is a Bridegroom who loved His wife enough to leave His glory, descend to the earth, and fulfill His Father’s plan of Redemption. And this is what we celebrate when we celebrate the subordination of the Son. We do not celebrate authority. We celebrate sacrifice. We do not celebrate control. We celebrate the submission of our wills. It is this beautiful dynamic between the Father and Son, and eventually between the Bridegroom and Bride, that will set the world right.” (Hannah Anderson and Wendy Aslup)

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Announcements, 6.22.16

June 22, 2016 posted in Events

Prayer tomorrow; congregational meeting on Sunday; and more…

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Meeting Our Elder and Deacon Candidates

June 22, 2016 posted in General Info

This Sunday, immediately after the service, we will have a congregational meeting to elect a new group of elders and deacons to serve City Church. Please read on for more information for our current candidates…

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